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Louis Salon are pioneers in offering full range of grooming solutions for value conscious consumers.  Louis Salon offers trendy haircuts and color services, complete skin care solutions and bridal packages, at affordable rates. Equipped with the knowledge on a wide variety of professional hair & skin care products, our well trained professional stylists provide friendly service. 


With a growth in disposable income, international technologies and cosmetic brands entering the Indian beauty and wellness market, more and more people are getting an opportunity to explore job opportunities in the field. These beauty brands and salons are looking for qualified professionals with technological skills and specific functional competencies to successfully carry out beautician jobs in salons, spas and wellness retreats in India and abroad.


The beauty and wellness training program by Louis Salon includes cosmetology, hair care, skin care, beauty therapy, and makeup courses. These beauty courses help students build skills to work in national and international fashion shows, beauty contests, film industry, photo-shoots, and various other small and large scale events of the glamour industry.


LOUIS UNISEX SALON has been my go-to in Delhi. Ever since I discovered them, I have only had to surrender to the team each time I visit the salon. I am pampered to the fullest and attention is paid to even the littlest demands. We believe in personalised makeover. You must be your own trend-setter! How has Geetanjali Salon contributed to your lifestyle? As a very busy student and a model, I must admit that Geetanjali doesnt just groom a woman externally but they add an element of self-confidence as every customer leaves. This goes without saying that while true beauty is soul deep, a few extra points can be credited to Louis Unisex Salon for consistently helping women and men realise their fullest potential! Salon visit must have a planned pampering routine to follow. What’s your regular “Head-to Louis Unisex Salon” service/routine? I trust the salon for head massages, haircuts, the most perfect blow dry, waxing and pedicures! Sometimes, love must be appreciated with words. What do you love about us? Loyalty towards customers both old and new, attention to detail and the ability to accommodate all requests. We love our main man, Mr. Sumit Israni ! And we love to listen about him, just like an obsessed-lover. Why don’t you talk more with us about him… Having been a face for the brand, Sumit is nothing short of brilliant. A talented hairstylist, knowledge surpasses the rest by manifold!

1) Allow me , Alake , to take this opportunity as a loyal and a consistent customer of Louis Salon for over many many years to wrote about my wonderful experience here, Primarily beaches if excellent customer service, courteous staff, finesse and expertise all makes this salon chain the most successful amongst all it rival chains. 2) Everytime i enter the salon, I am super thrilled coz it’s like a therapy for me in my super busy life The way every customer is taken care of with their specific concerns the extra dose of pampering always keeps me coming back again and yet again and that’s what makes me a retainer here ! As a thriving Image Consultant, a social media influencer and a Television presenter, I always have to look my part and put my best foot forward atat l given times, and that’s when Louis Salon steps for my succour and has me locked in as a loyal guest for a lifetime! 3) Apart from a Luxury experience and A Service Excellence, GS has a class part , Stating some points of difference would be Complimentary and Value add services done over and above the actual service, periodic offers, discounts, family cards, discount coupons, gift and goody bags, follow up calls , reminder called for appointment, taking positive feedback and constructive criticism from some dissatisfied customers etc to name a few ! GS Always Makes Sure that “They do” what they actually Say “They Do ” on the Social Media, 4) Is Truly a Man of few words with a wide smile and a warm demaneour. He’s a gracious host who is a hair genius and has always managed to keep a one on one relationship with all his clients which in todays time is a pre-requisite for client retention in a cut throat competitive world. This kind of bonhomie, midas touch in service and customer engagement goes a long way in defining a salons success ! And that Truly is Sumit Israni’s Success Mantra I concur !! All said in one line to sum it up, GS and SI appreciate and recognize that they truly care !

Favorite salon in Delhi for last 5 months I have been here to pursue my educational goals. The artists are talented and have wonderful personalities to match. For cuts- I trust Nakul with my life! That man knows what he is doing when it comes to hair. He is such an amazing person inside and out. It’s truly a great experience with him all around. For All other essentials Needs- I just found my new favorite guy, Ali. Working with him is always good & he did a fantastic job with my hair scalp. He knew exactly what I wanted, cannot wait to get my hair done again. Thanks, Louis Salon.


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